The ClimateMeter opens up exclusively with the film.

Importance of the ClimateMeter

A fundamental step towards averting climate catastrophe is the creation of a worldwide awareness of the looming threat of a final, life-destroying reversal of the world’s climate.
The cross-national and cross-cultural climate clock, called »ClimateMeter«, provides an urgently needed communication tool for raising awareness. It combines the dimension of personal perception with the climate information of international science. The realization of the Climatemeter sends a worldwide impulse to immediately act responsibly.

Scientific data

All display parameters of the Climate Meter are adjusted according to the latest data from five international scientific institutes, and alternately displayed.

Live broadcast

A buoy with a webcam transmits the current state of global warming live to the website »«. There, it can be viewed, linked and quoted anywhere in the world.

Safety and implementation

ClimateMeter is conceived as a large-scale work and is equally effective in smaller formats. Its technical feasibility has been tested and confirmed.

Social kinetic art

The ClimateMeter is aimed at the global community. Anyone who registers there signals their willingness to act responsibly and in a climate-friendly manner.

Robert Kessler

visual artist, creator of the »ClimateMeter«
»Culture and Creative Pilot Germany«.
Awarded by the Cultural and Creative Industries Initiative of the Federal Government Germany


"When I understood the climate emergency of our earth in its scope, I also understood how appropriate the crying of the Swedish climate activist Greta Thunberg was on the occasion of one of her public speeches on the climate emergency. Her honest consternation and grief touched me deeply. They encouraged me to create a work on the climate emergency that makes the connection between the ecosystem and the world’s climate understandable and moves people to act climate-consciously with the facts about global warming."

Thanks to the large team of all contributors

Including those who may not be listed here. It is only their knowledge, dedication and devotion that have made possibleand inspired the unfolding of this complex work.
3D animation: Daniel Mozbäuchel, 4dm-works / Consulting, conception, development: Prof. Dr.- Ing. Alexander Czinki, Andreas Hartmann, brandlevel GmbH, Gabriele Hofmann, state architect, Ronald Mauthe, project management, web design, Rudi Mauser, brandlevel GmbH, Gesche Piening, actress, director, Dr. Christa Sütterlin, art historian, scientist, Mike Thulke, European Cultural Projects / Design & Idea: Robert Kessler / Patent Attorney: Raphael Koch, K&H Bonapat /Construction & Statics: Erik Ahrens, Ahrens Engineers, Willi Neuhaus, ntt neuhaus trans tech GmbH, Thomas Rose, ROSE ENGINEERING / Model making: Frieder Grüne and team - Modellbau Grüne / Music: Thomas Etschmann / Speaker: Gabriel Hunter, actor, Judith Toth, actress / editing: Gregor Kuschel

Special thanks to sponsors:

Frieder Grüne - Modellbau Grüne

Christian Kerstens GmbH


Please contact the creator and initiator of the work, German artist Robert Kessler, should you be interested in its realisation. More information

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